Herbal Consultation

Herbal Benefits 

Commonly treated conditions:



  • Digestive disorders (IBS, chronic constipation, bloating after eating, post-antibiotic diarrhea)

  • PMS and painful periods, menopause

  • Colds and flu, recurring sinus infections

  • Insomnia and anxiety

  • Musculoskeletal pain, including acute injuries


Unlike pharmacological medicine, which focuses on relief of a single symptom or condition, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) focuses on restoring balance to the system as a whole. The Chinese herbal tradition uses over 400 plant and mineral ingredients in hundreds of combinations. Treatment with Chinese herbal formulas takes into account as many symptoms as possible in order to provide relief. 


Our herbalist, Sue Cook, studied TCM at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine here in Chicago, where she received the Golden 

Flower Service Award for excellence in herbal studies. The rigorous 9 semester herbal program at PCOM includes drug interactions and dietary considerations. We provide the highest quality herbal formulas that undergo strict quality control testing for pesticides and other contaminants as well as for efficacy.  These formulas are available in pill, liquid, powdered, or loose raw formulations. Topical formulas (ointments, liniments, plasters, and poultices) be used for acute or chronic injuries such as strained muscles or sprained joints. 

An herbal consultation involves a thorough review of bodily systems and generally takes half an hour. For complex conditions, up to an hour may be required. 


Depending on your condition, herbs will either be available in the office or will be ordered and delivered to your home.



  • Herbal Consultation Initial: $100 + cost of herbs

  • Herbal Consultation Follow up: $70 + cost of herbs


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