Our Massage therapist Sue Marcus specializes in Hypnosis. Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness where our minds are clear, alert and focused on something. 


It is achieved through a relaxed guided mental imagery and concentration that is focused to heighten awareness and help you accomplish your goals. 


Hypnosis can free yourself from negative blocks that are holding you back. Some examples of ways hypnosis can help include: enhance sports performance, manage stress, quit smoking, lose weight, and help with pain management.


Learn More About Sue

Sue has been a massage therapist for the passed 26 years, and a hypnotherapist for 24 years. Sue's interest in hypnosis started when she was trying to quit smoking. Smoking was interfering with her health and physical activities and hypnosis helped her kick her 17 year habit forever.


While helping the Chicago Bears players stay in peak shape professionally, over time Sue gained unique insight into what drives, motivates and challenges athletes to help them better accomplish their goals both personally and professionally. 

After Sue's success with hypnosis, she realized she had found another tool that can help her clients succeed.



Hypnosis Session Information



After booking your appointment, Sue will contact you to discuss any issues you wish to address and set goals for your session.

Appointment Arrival:

Upon arrival, Sue will verify your objective and get an idea of your familiarity with hypnosis and answer any questions you may have. The room will be softly lighted with relaxing music to set the tone and minimize distractions. 

During your session, Sue will incorporate words, soothing tones, mental imagery and breathing techniques which will lead you to a pleasant mental state. 

While you are highly receptive during this state, you and Sue will use the time to proactively address the issues. When you resume full wakefulness, you will feel refreshed. 

Visit our website or call the office at (312) 428 -0922 to book your appointment!


Please email Sue at Suzanne@MarcusHypnosis.com with any questions or concerns.

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