Client Reviews

     “Jen is a great therapist. I like the techniques she uses because it helps reduces inflammation in the body. Which is exactly what I need especially after games. She is very thorough and great at getting joints and muscles to function and stretch like they are supposed to.”

Matt Forte

New York Jets - Pro Bowl Running Back

"Jen helped me stay on the field."

Brandon Marshall

New York Jets - Pro Bowl WR

     “Jen has helped me compete at a high level. She kept my body intact and helped me recover during the season through massage, cupping and fascial stretch therapy. I highly recommend her to help improve performance.”

Tim Jennings

Former Chicago Bear - Pro Bowl Cornerback

     "In the last three seasons Mobile Health and Wellness has provided me with the care to compete at a high level through a rigorous lengthy NFL season. I believe with the structure and philopshy they have really kept me from regressing during the season as most players do after taking such a physical toll on the body. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to live a healthier stronger life!"

Lamarr Houston

Chicago Bears - OLB

     "Working with Jen allows me to push myself harder than I ever have before. I can grind out my workouts knowing that Jen is going to put me back together again. Not only do I feel better after my sessions with Jen, but I've gotten better with functional range in my skill set. I'm very excited to continue our work together making me the best version of myself."

Christian Friedrich

San Diego Padres - Pitcher

     “I believe in what Jen does. She's part of my regular routine to keep my body in performing how it should.”

Cornelius Washington

Chicago Bears - Defensive End

"Meeting and working with Jen has helped me immensely on the field. She was able to 'work out the kinks' and help me perform at my best."

Sam Acho

Chicago Bears - Linebacker

     "Jen understands the body and is able to get my muscles and my body feeling great week after week. Whether you are a serious athlete or someone who needs tissue work, Jen is the person to see. She is one of the best tissue therapists I've ever had work on me."

Corey Wootton

Minnesota Vikings - DE

"I was always skeptical about getting tissue work done throughout my career. Then I met Jen and I couldn't play a week without a good smashing. Truly career changing."

Blake Costanzo

San Fransisco 49ers - LB

"After being on 4 NFL teams in 4 cities, I can undoubtedly say that Jen Evola is the best massage and fascial stretch therapist I've had the pleasure of working with. She is relentless in her pursuit to help her clients through their ailments and I've never had more flexibility on the football field thanks to our sessions."

Steve Maneri

Fomer Chicago Bears TE

"I’ve been going to see Jen for the last 3 years and I can say my body has never felt better than after a session with her. Being a professional baseball player, the long season wears on your body and can create trigger points that nag long after the season is over. Jen is amazing at identifying and targeting the areas that need the most attention. I know my body well after years of intense training and adding an expert like Jen to my regimen consistently has taken me to a whole new level. I’ve become more flexible and dynamic doing the stretching routine Jen has shown me and it’s helped eliminate soreness after those long days at the gym. The Myofascial Release and new Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) has virtually eliminated the trigger points in my body and helped me stay pain free throughout the season. Her expertise in nutrition has also played a key role in maintaining my weight through an agonizing travel and season schedule. It’s so important to know what to put in to your body to perform at a high level and be healthy. Jen has done wonders to my diet and has helped me maintain my weight and strength throughout the year. Whether it is sports specific therapy, nutrition education, or just living a healthy lifestyle, Jen is one of the best I’ve worked with in my years as a professional athlete. I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done…but her work with me isn’t done yet! Thanks Jen!"

Bobby Stevens

Somerset Patriots

     "Jen takes the time to listen to her client's needs and goals. Without her extensive knowledge and technique I would not be able to run injury and pain free."

Stephanie Dewald

Elite Endurance Athlete

     "Working with Jen has been a huge component of my recovery regime. I've been working with her for nearly two years now and with all of the rigorous training I put my body through for American Ninja Warrior, Jen helps keep me at the top of my game." 

Karen Sabo

American Ninja Warrior

"I have been working with Jen for over a year now and her services for endurance athletes and runners like me are simply unmatched in this city. I have run 4 marathons in the past year and a half and have not only PR'd at each of them but trained and raced without injury - all thanks to Jen and Mobile Health & Wellness! If you want to be a strong, competitive and most importantly, healthy athlete competing not just now but for LIFE, then Jen is your girl!"


Beth Panke

     "Jen helped me over come injury and allow me to start running pain free. The techniques she uses make my legs feel great and she always knows what to do to make me feel the best I can. I wouldn't have been able to preform the way I do with out the work of Jen and her staff."

Kathryn House

     "I’ve been working with Jen @ Mobile Health and Wellness for more than a year now. No matter if I’m getting ready for a race or recovering from a crazy adventure, Jen has worked with me to keep me on my feet and moving/running. She is great to work with…especially when she’s not making me cry like a baby on the table! If you’re into endurance sports, do yourself a favor work with Jen."

Ethan Matyas

Ultra Endurance Athlete

     "Whether you are an elite athlete, or an everyday athlete like me, Jen helps you train, perform, and recover pain free. After 3 back surgeries, I ran the Chicago Marathon without incident or injury...weekly appointments with Jen were critical to my success."


Marathon runner

     "I've been going to Jen for over 6 years and she has played an integral role in the success of the Ironman events in which I've participated. The massage therapy and fascial stretching have helped me train injury-free during those long hours of training.  Her knowledge and expertise in endurance athletes sets her far above all the rest.  She is able to fine tune my body each time I see her and I feel so much better afterwards.  Jen is super and I highly recommend her!”

Susan Helfrich

Elite Endurance Athlete

     "Jen is a key part of my team.  I've been getting faster and having less injuries since working with her.  Even though I just aged up, I got my first AG win in a Half marathon and also set a new PR. What she does works.”

Erin Harvego

Elite Endurance Athlete

    "When it comes to corporate fitness, Jen Evola has added an whole new dimension to our program at WorldPoint.  In addition to massage and fascial stretch therapy, Jen advises us on health, wellness and nutrition.  She tailors her program to meet the individual needs of each client and delivers it all with great energy and enthusiasm.  We are fortunate to have access to such a valuable resource. Thank you, Jen!"

Adrienne Zaban

Marketing Director

     "Jen Evola’s Mobile Health & Wellness programs are one of the cornerstones of our Corporate Wellness Program.   Weekly massage sessions were initially offered to all employees supplemented by informative “Lunch and Learn presentations”, nutritional articles and recipes, such as Pre and Post Workout Meals, Choosing Vitamin Rich Foods, and Eating for a Healthy Heart.  Fascial Stretch Therapy™, that manipulates, lengthens, re-aligns and re-organizes your fascia, was recently added to our program.  The benefits of being “stretched” include joint expansion, increased flexibility, pain reduction, improved circulation, and sometimes laughter – it’s a fun experience.  I would highly recommend Jen to you to develop a Corporate Wellness or individual program to meet your needs.  She has done a terrific job for us and will do so for you too."

Denise Petersen

Market Manager, Simulation Training, WorldPoint

   "Jen provides massage, stretching, nutrition counseling, general fitness and wellness awareness for me and my staff at WorldPoint on a weekly basis.  I have witnessed first-hand, Jen’s commitment to offer the highest level of personal service to each and every one of her clientele.  She performs her services with genuine enthusiasm and energy, and as a result, I receive a sincere ‘thank you’ from my employees on a regular basis.    Jen truly enjoys her work - you can see it in her smile and hear it in her laughter.  And most importantly you can see it in each of her clients.  Thank you Jen, for making our corporate wellness program a great success.  With your guidance we are all challenged, supported and motivated to reach and maintain a healthy lifestyle."

John C Amato

President& CEO

"I brought Jen into our company’s wellness program because I had such wonderful experience with her therapeutic table massages.  While a chair massage can never replace a table massage, it has done wonders for the morale and physical awareness of our staff, especially in the stressful call center and warehouse departments.  It is amazing how much benefit there is from just a 15 minute focused massage.    The response has been so favorable, twice we’ve had to increase the time Jen is here and we’ve expanded her services to include stretching.  While treating our employees, she identified many who would no longer gain much benefit from additional massage, but would benefit from fascial stretching.  This is been another success.  A survey of our time-off records shows we have reduced our non-specific sick days, especially on the days that Jen is here.  No one wants to miss their appointment.    This is an addition to our wellness program that has paid for itself in both soft and hard dollars."

Lynn Stegner

Chief Financial Officer

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